How to Display Blankets in a Basket

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If you've ever wondered how to properly showcase your baskets for blankets in the living room to add a touch of charm to your space, you're in the right place. In this blog post, we'll share creative and stylish blanket storage ideas to display your blankets using some of our exquisite home decor pieces

Rolling Elegance

Roll up your blankets precisely to create neat and stylish bundles.Here's a tutorial on how to fold your blanket neatly so you can stack them with your other blanket collection.

This rolling method will make your living room look tidy and organized during the winter season. You can neatly store the blankets inside the basket and hide them when not in use. Our bay basket is the perfect large blanket basket to store your neatly rolled blankets. The rustic looks from the handwoven rattan will offer a warm and elegant touch to your living room, and the generous size can hold multiple blankets.

Mix and Match Textures

Mix and match textures to make your blanket display more visually appealing. Consider pairing a thick knit throw with a lightweight linen blanket for a comfortable yet classy look. Use our spiral basket with an open weave design to highlight the unique features on each blanket.


Layering can help to add depth and character to your blanket display. Add a couple blankets to the bottom of the basket, allowing some to flow over the edges, and then pile more blankets on top or add throw pillow. This produces a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, ideal for a reading nook or beside to the fireplace.

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