We are all about creating a living space that you love and feel comfortable, a sanctuary in this busy world!

One way to do this is with plants, fitted in to our bespoke pots/holders of different shapes sizes, colour, you name it we can create something to elevate your indoor gardening. With our expert team making our plant pots, baskets, vases, hanging baskets we will find a way of slotting them seamlessly into your home.

Plants have so many benefits for your home, such as adding colour and character, as well as purifying the air inside. Woven baskets are a great way to mix style with function and are perfect for smaller spaces where you want to keep your plants on display; a beautiful way to give your home a living presence.

If you are looking to add a little more nature in your home, let us take the worry away from having an ugly plastic pot on show and get creative with us to give your plant the makeover it deserves. Fitting our custom woven rattan around your succulents will give any space a refreshing look making sure they are dressed to empress!

Let’s look at ways to use our custom baskets made to measure for indoor plants, they need a home too!

If strategically placed, a large or oversized potplant can elevate any space - both indoors or outdoors - and makes an excellent statement piece. This pot is the perfect addition to a coastal or boho themed living room, and it would look beautifully with a Monstera.

Once we know your plants dimensions or if you’re unsure we will work with you to create a basket that fits the specific type of plant you have. Colour is also important; we have endless examples of the colours we do on different baskets, have a browse of our work!

Thanks for reading our article. We hope this has given you some ideas for your own plants and arrangement. We will be making case studies of different ideas for your plants and living space so stay tuned. You know what they say, a plant without a woven rattan basket made by expert crafters is a happy one!